Uniting Community Through Fitness and Giving

Our Mission

The Keppel Foundation is a local non-profit founded by Scott Keppel, owner of Scott’s Training Systems in Chandler, Arizona. The organization uses its resources to host events that bring the community together, while promoting awareness of cancer, obesity, domestic violence, pets and other important causes.

The Four Pillars

Scott’s heart and mind are in the right spot and it shows through his foundation. I have attended many events and have always enjoyed the fun atmosphere, meeting new people, getting in a good workout, or learning something new.

Brian Flatley II, Arizona's Family Team, KWSL

Scott Keppel brings his passion for helping others to the very fun events attended by his STS family and others in the community. Together, we learn of the needs in our community while benefiting from a great workout and social time afterward.  It’s a WIN-WIN for all!

Ellen Bolton, Titus Brueckner Spitler & Shelts PLC

Community Events

Giving Back Matters

Our Sponsors

We are deeply thankful to all of our sponsors for their unwavering commitment to our cause, which has allowed us to make a meaningful difference in our community.